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ICO's are the new IPO's. Making Ethereum the new GBLSE

First, I may need to provide some background, as many of you may not have been around in 2012 and 2013, so you may not remember GLBSE, BTC.TC, havelock, bitfunder and a few other "bitcoin stock exchanges". On those exchanges, companies could list securities like company shares and bonds, which where traded for bitcoin.
Initially, mining bonds where the most popular security, allowing people to invest in bitcoin mining without having to own and operate any hardware, while allowing miners to raise capital and sell off the risk of future difficulty increases. Revenue from mining was then paid to bond holders as "dividends". In theory, a sound concept and the precursor to cloud mining. In practice however, these bonds quickly became a mania. They where trading at prices that made no economic sense at all, anyone with a calculator could easily see it was impossible they would yield a positive ROI. Miners and scammers quickly caught on to that, and sold more bonds then they had hardware for. But they kept rising in price, and people kept buying them, expecting to sell them later with profit.
Soon after, all kinds of companies launched IPO's on these exchanges. Some where legit, many dubious, most where pretty obvious scams. It didnt matter, IPO's where as much a hype as ICO's today, and virtually never failed to sell out in record times, raising millions of dollars. Almost nothing was scrutinized, anyone scammer with a tiny amount of photoshop knowledge or anyone promising to achieve some ridiculous ROI had no problem raising millions.
After the companies, came the investment funds. Someone raised bitcoins through an IPO, and used that money to trade in other securities listed on that same exchange. Then they launched a second IPO for another fund, and used fund A to buy shares in fund B, and fund B to buy shares in fund A. Prices went through the roof. You couldn't make up stuff like that, it was hilarious.
Almost nothing that was traded on those exchanges, had any real value. A few notable exceptions include Asicminer, which raised money to develop an asic, actually managed to get it produced as one of the first ever bitcoin mining asics, sold in large quantities and made a huge profit, paying back investors through dividens many times the IPO value. It was the largest success story by far, but even that ended with an exit scam when the anonymous founder ran off eventually.
Around 2013, the SEC intervened, closed a few of the largest exchanges, charged and fined some of the operators and issuers. Other exchanges collapsed or vanished. Tens of thousands of BTC where lost. Im not aware of any company that was launched on any of those exchanges that still operates, except for the gambling site satoshidice (which was among the ones fined by the SEC).
What caused this to happen? The enormous rise in value of bitcoin created a group of early-investor millionaires, who believed in crypto currency, who where accustomed to double or triple digit gains in a very short time and who had money to burn. Many of them got rich "by accident", not because they did a lot of due diligence or understood the risk/rewards or even the technology. This gullibility was clearly seen with Trendon Shavers aka Pirateat40, who at that time operated a gigantic, half million bitcoin ponzi scheme by promising 7% weekly returns. These people where very likely to invest large sums of money in risky crypto related startups, expecting a repeat of the success of their early bitcoin investment. This created a self fulfilling prophecy where IPO's always succeeded, prices always went up, creating gigantic bubbles.
Fast forward a few years. Besides bitcoin millionairs, we now have ethereum and a few other altcoin millionaires. Instead of IPO's, we now have ICO's. Instead of GLBSE, we have ethereum as the enabling platform. Instead of tradeable funds, we will soon have things like iconomi. Instead of bubbles created by funds investing in each other, we will have blockchains that are denominated in each other. And instead of thinking security regulation can be avoided by denominating an investment in bitcoin, we have people thinking regulation can be circumvented by calling something a token.
Am I the only one having a terrible deja vue?
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Meanwhile, the Diablo Mining Company is imploding

Here's the cliff notes version. Diablo is a talented BitCoin developer who started a mining fund on the GBLSE. He initially offered shares with a valuation of 1btc each, which were to be used on future mining hardware and infrastructure purchases.
Now it is apparent that he has likely not purchased any hardware, and he has been diluting value in a series of stock swaps reportedly as low as .0133btc/share. Usagi's post is a good jumping board into the topic. Shareholders have been demanding some kind of action by the GLBSE operator nefario.
Just another train wreck to watch, I suppose, this one presumably not pirate related. Take it as another learning lesson/cautionary tale.
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Why would I invest on GLBSE?

Please excuse me if this is a silly question, but if we put aside our love for the idea of a truly free market is there any significant advantage of the bitcoin based stock exchange over regular one?
I see two obvious disadvantages, that's for sure.
  1. No "insurance", whole thing can poof disappear with my money over night. Some companies are 100% anonymous! With no media to watch the market all an investor has is trust.. not a valuable thing these days.
  2. Bitcoin exchange rate. How can I make a long term investment if I can't be sure of the real,actual value of the company I co-own. Won't speculation bubbles (I hope it's the right term, not a native speaker here, sorry)ruin the stock market repeatedly? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't there one in the building right now?
  1. I have calculated ((amount of money/exchange rate)/stock cost*average dividend)52weeks that on the most popular stocks with about 300 USD I would earn only about 12USD. 4% annually.. What am I missing? that's not much.. I have 6,3% on a deposit account:p
Oh right I got it. I forgot to multiply it back to USD. The money you earn isn't 4%, it's 84%! Unless the Bubble cracks..
What do you think? Oh, and btw - if anyone knows any good article on GLBSE please post link in the comments!
;TLDR; Problem solved - it's about insane amounts of money
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Can virtual goods be packaged into bitcoins, or do we need a new protocol for that?

If bitcoins are gaining in value, could things like music or video game art assets appreciate too? For instance, I would like to be able to buy an original Thor Hammer from my favorite 3D artist, and I would like to be able to prove that mine is the original in case I sell it. If others copy it, I want the history of its ownership to be maintained forever.
Would we need a new network of ArtCoins to do this? Or would we just clone something like the GLBSE and trade art instead of assets? Might this be a boon for the games industry?
edit Don't know how this would work with games, but I could see an author releasing say 100 or a 1000 unique copies, which are stamped as "first prints". These could be transferred as "second prints" by the initial buyers at a reduced price, while they keep the originals. Subsequent prints are transferred ad infinitum, so I could buy an Nth edition for say 1/Nth the market price of the original. I could get behind that.
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I am here to tell you why we are at the top of the current price rise, and why not to worry about it

Bitcoin adoption works in waves.
A group of people is introduced to it, and the price is affected by this.
The very first wave occurred at the very beginning when Satoshi introduced the very first people to Bitcoin. This is when the value of a Bitcoin changed for 0 to "something". Nobody knew how much a bitcoin was worth at that point, and there were no exchanges.
The next wave is when people outside of that little group started to find out about Bitcoin. At this point there was still no set value for Bitcoin, but it was certainly worth more than before.
The third wave is when the next generation of people is introduced, at this point we have people exchanging Bitcoins for pizza, and the first exchanges are established. Now a price is put onto the Bitcoin, and it is less than $1.
The fourth wave occurs when the media first finds out about Bitcoin. It appears on sites like slashdot which introduces a whole lot of new people, the price goes up and new services start to get introduced.
It is the fifth wave in which the 2011 bubble occurs. Several factors are at play here, one of which being the hacker collective lulzsec who mention Bitcoin while being in the media spotlight. There is now a huge demand for Bitcoin, but several thefts and hack attacks occur in quick succession and the price crumbles as people lose faith. At this point a large amount of people leave Bitcoin thinking that it was a failure.
The sixth wave is highlighted by Bitcoins Savings & Trust and the pirate passthroughs which led to the rise and fall of GLBSE. The price goes up and then tumbles down.
We are at the seventh wave. Some big names have started accepting Bitcoin, and there is also the coinlab deal.
Now for the kicker. After every crash people will leave Bitcoin. But, when something interesting comes up, like a impending price rise they are ready to jump back in and know exactly how to use the exchanges. The result of this is the price shoots up from the newbies and also the people that are coming back from the previous crash.
My point is this: The price is going to drop very soon. But it doesn't matter because it will rise well beyond it in a months.
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Basic Bitcoin questions

Hello, I am new to Bitcoin and find it fascinating. So far I got a couple goals for today which is to build a web app that uses blockchain API and to actually get some bitcoins. In the meantime, I was wondering if I can get some help regarding basic BTC questions.
  1. If you get an address, and have payments sent to you, how are people able to determine how much money you have? What steps do they do to figure this out?
  2. The blockchain is not designed in a way where you can easily get information correct? You have to know more than python basics and have good programming skills as their seems to be no API, and no methods of just querying the data to get basic stats such as "latest transaction" or "biggest transaction ever"....
  3. In order to get bitcoins, you have to have an address and a digital wallet. This digital wallet is 1 file and its upon you to encrypt it and keep it safe. If someone gets this file, you have lost your bitcoins and not getting them back. Many people back up their digital wallet. Is this correct?
  4. When reading many stories about bitcoin theft, what is the usual gist? Dont most of these hackers get digital wallets that are encrypted? How do they make use of it, crack it...or its not encrypted at all?
  5. What is one of the common thing/method that can drive bitcoin value up? What is one common thing that can drive bitcoin value down?
  6. Can anyone name some people who sell products on a bitcoin market and make money? ie. someone who sells snacks, anyone making money other than big shops who have lots of investment money such as Butterfly Labs or that cupcake store..... I am interested in smaller people making money etsy-style I guess...
  7. What was GLBSE? I still cant even understand how the stock GLBSE just people pooling bitcoins together and investing in other project/companies?
  8. What is Bitfloor? It says trading bitcoin, but I have no clue what that means. And the site offers a dead link to explain it. Does it mean people have bitcoin they want to get rid of in exchange for what though?
  9. Compared to all the crypto methods out there, what is Bitcoin's crypto considered? Is it military grade for example? A popular standard or something new and fresh?
  10. Its highly unrealistic for people to think of methods on making Bitcoin illegal corrrect? It cant be stopped it seems...
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GLBSE: Reward for help recovering any assets

Yes, it is probably too late to be attempting this, but I'm taking a stab recovering lost funds from GLBSE. I recently discovered documents I had kept when I was investing on GLBSE and I'm offering a reward to anyone who can help me recover funds.
Anyone who gives me information that lets me recover funds from any of the "assets" I invested in will receive 30% of the BTC value I recover.
If multiple people lead me to a solution that recovers assets, the reward will be split among the people who provide critical information. Otherwise, it will go to the first person who posts about each asset. In total, there was about 30 BTC of assets that were lost.
The following are the assets that I had:
I also had shares of YABMC, but they were remarkably proactive about helping transfer shares to BTCT (now closing) from the beginning.
Do any of these companies or assets still exist? Is there a way to get in touch with someone who managed any of these? Any information that you can provide will be appreciated!
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