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Accidentally sent from NitrogenSports to Coinbase

So I usually send my winnings from NitrogenSports to a separate bitcoin wallet, then to coinbase. This has worked fine. I completely spaced out and accidentally sent my winnings from NitrogenSports directly to my coinbase account. It's been an hour without any change. How worried should I be? Can they hold my winnings permanently? Can someone please explain what I should expect and what I should do to get this bitcoin? I really appreciate the time, thank you.
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Cashing out on nitrogen sports

So I am ready to cash my bitcoin out of nitrogen sports. I don’t want to send it back to coinbase. Can I send it from nitrogen sports directly to my nano ledger s or do I have to send it to another wallet first?
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Re: sidebar link abt bitcoin, why use nitrogensports?

I read the "Getting started with Bitcoin" write-up in the link in the sidebar, and I see that it says to deposit from bank to Coinbase, then deposit from Coinbase to NitrogenSports, then withdraw from NitrogenSports back to Coinbase, THEN deposit from coinbase to sportsbook.
Can someone explain what this extra step is for? Why is it better than just depositing from bank to Coinbase, and then depositing from Coinbase to the sportsbook? I'm sure it has something to do with making the funding source anonymous but won't your CoinBase activity just show money going out and back in?
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NitrogenSports and bitcoin

Sorry if it's not tje appropriate sub.
I live in France and I wanted to do a NitrogenSports account to bet on eSports. But I need to buy bitcoins and I'm not really experienced at it. I tried some bitcoins purchase sites but none of them worked for me. For example at I can't validate any payment way. It doesn't work when I have to put in my adress.
I was wondering if any of you had experience in purchasing bitcoin in Europe, what site do you go to etc.
I have other questions about NitrogenSports :
When I purchase bitcoins I have to use the bitcoin adress they give me. But to withdraw my money I have to do another bitcoin adress so I can withdraw from my Nitrogensports to my other adress and then have my money in euros ?
Thanks in advance !
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Best Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Fairlay Exchange is a nice betting exchange and has really good odds - the best by far - better than even 5dimes' Reduced Juice odds. It's an exchange, so the layout is different, but you'll get the hang of it. It defaults to Decimal Odds, but you can change to American odds if you like. You will save a significant amount of money over the course of your wagering due to the much better odds.
Nitrogen Sports is also a good, reliable Bitcoin Sportsbook. They have very good odds (not quite as good as Fairlay), a nice site and very good customer support. Very reliable. They've been around longer than most.
CloudBet They do not have the best odds and withdrawals take a bit longer, but they have a very nice looking and fast site and their Live Betting is very good and has better odds. So if you bet sports at CloudBet, you will get better odds by waiting to bet after the game has started!
If you are totally unfamiliar with BitCoin, here is a short video.
And it's easy to buy Bitcoin at Coinbase. They are very reliable and you just have to set up an ACH from your checking account.
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Coinbase is the simplest means to convert bitcoin to cash and back. They’ve made a strong effort to provide a user-friendly interface. But, they do charge a fee on top of the usual transaction cost for transferring bitcoin. This can be as low as 1.49% if buying with a bank account, or as high as 3.99% if buying with a credit card. Overview. Sports betting has been one of the fastest growing niche markets in the gambling industry, especially with the advent of e-games that sportsbooks have been only too eager to add to their repertoire. Based out of Costa Rica, Nitrogen Sports was one of the earliest to emerge on the scene, making their presence known in 2012. Bet bitcoin on Nitrogen Sports, the best bitcoin sportsbook, online poker, and crypto casino. Create a free & anonymous account now to start bitcoin betting! Learn Bitcoin at Nitrogen Sports Blog! We publish news, guides, and tips to help you understand Bitcoin: what is it and how to use it. Read on to know more. Can you send bitcoin from coinbase to nitrogen sports 2020 ♡ Stunning deals only ♡ ₿ Get Your Crypto BONUS NOW! Enjoy Can you send bitcoin from coinbase to nitrogen sports!Cryptocurrency permits for fewer charges -- easy as that. When transferring Bitcoin or

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