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I'm Olivier Janssens running for Bitcoin Foundation Board - AMA :)

Posted by Olivier Janssens. Twitter: @olivierjanss https://twitter.com/olivierjanss
Hi All,
My name is Olivier Janssens, 35 years old, currently living in Monaco. I am running for a board seat because I think having the Bitcoin Foundation in control of core development is dangerous. Core development should be without any political influence. This was the main reason why I also started the $100k USD bounty http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/25sf4f/100000_bounty_for_software_platform_that_can/ which yielded Lighthouse as the winner http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/29n8o0/ . Lighthouse makes it possible to crowdfund bitcoin core dev through the community. Mike will release it in a couple of weeks, and I will immediately make $50,000 USD available for core dev on the platform.
What do I think the Bitcoin Foundation should be doing? Besides becoming fully transparent and broadcasting all of its board meetings live (with time for Q&A from the audience), it should also have a clear public agenda. That agenda should should always have at its core a) more decentralization b) creating positive Bitcoin awareness and c) removing any control over Bitcoin from the Bitcoin Foundation. It would consist of the following items and goals:
Some of my personal values and beliefs: I am a libertarian and voluntaryist at heart. My goal is to create a world that is decentralized and exists as a free society. http://mises.org/library/state-or-private-law-society In my spare time I work on projects that are related to this. I’m also an entrepreneur and investor. I put my money where my mouth is for things I believe in. For example, I donated $10k to protonmail and $12k to liberty.me I was one of the first people to take a private flight paid for in Bitcoin (I got the company to start accepting Bitcoin). http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-millionaire-olivier-janssens-private-jet-privatefly/ This created a lot of awareness in high society magazines and attracted investors. I’m also one of the victims of MtGox’s demise, and have been working behind the scenes in the last year to find the ones responsible and bring them to justice. I've spent close to 100k USD in legal costs and translations to keep the public aware and provided crucial information to the police. http://www.mtgoxrecovery.com/ http://blog.mtgoxrecovery.com/ We are getting close to solving it.
I'm the type of guy that normally works in the background and exerts my positive influence from there. You can expect me to protect your interests and, most importantly, the interests of Bitcoin. I believe Bitcoin is the greatest invention since the internet, and have been an early adopter and miner since 2010.
Hope to get your support :)
Edit: Link to the BTF forum version https://bitcoinfoundation.org/forum/index.php?/topic/1186-candidate-olivier-janssens/
Edit2: Contact info: Twitter https://twitter.com/olivierjanss Email: oj at protonmail.ch
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