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Swarm coins can generate a new coin, are you serious?

Yep, it's a pretty cool thing that was never possible until now. You can get coins for all of our future launches simply by having some SwarmCoin. We expect this distributed incubator model to dramatically impact how business are started and run since it has the possiblity of dramatically accelerating a company's path to market. Just think about it, you start off with a bunch of engaged users from the beginning and they give you money. What could be better than that?
Can I mine swarm?
No. All 100,000,000 coins are set at the beginning and locked so that no more can ever be created. You can get some SWARM in the fundraiser.
How did you come up with this idea?
I was initially inspired by the Decentralized Applications whitepaper ( and Vitalik Buterin's writings on the Distributed Autonomous Organizations, including the Ethereum whitepaper ( This led me to write my own paper about the possiblity of distributed governance (
I then notice that folks in the VC industry who were very aware of the limitations of that model and some of the barriers to crowdfunding, including Fred Wilson of Union Square ( and Naval Ravikant of AngelList (
After some more research, I did some writing for Let's Talk Bitcoin, Bitcoin Magazine, and my private blog, including articles on Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding: Problems and Potential, (; Bitcoin crowdfunding: Naval and Fred step up to bat,; AppCoin Manifesto,; For Us By Us: Bitcoin Needs To Move Out of the Crypto-enthusiast Box,; Why Bitcoin is not a currency,
The rest came together gradually as I tried to figure out the appropriate technology set to build off of and to put together a team to work on this.
What technology set are you using?
At the moment, Bitcoin, the second generation protocol Counterparty (, and a customized vending machine on Counterparty that automatically generates and distributes user-created assts. We anciticipating supporting other 2.0 protocols once they support automatic asset generatoin.
Is this legal?
We believe this falls into section (1)(d) of our Cryptoequity whitepaper (, meaning it is allowable under U.S. law and is probably not problematic elsewere. That said, we are not laywers and advise you to consult the local law to see if and what you are doing is regulated.
Is there a pre-mine?
8% of the holdings goes to the Swarm reserves, which is split between founders, swarm representatives, and bounties for specific projects. We wanted to avoid a large pre-mine, since that creates misaligned incentives: That said, we thought if there was no pre-mine then founders and early contributors would have less incentive to see the project to completion. We hope we've reached a healthy balance.
How will this influence the Bitcoin price?
Reliable infrastructure allowing asset issuance via the Bitcoin Blockchain will probably boost the price of Bitcoin significantly, as people will buy Bitcoin in order to access other assets that are available via our platform.
Are you a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) ?
We are laying the groundwork for Distributed Autonomous Organizations that exist entirely on the blockchain. As more functionality exists, we will integrate it into our platform.
Are these coins secure? Will it be vunerable to a 51% attack?
We build on Bitcoin 2.0 technologies, specifically Counterparty, so all coins are secured by the full strength of the Bitcoin network.
What is decentralized due diligence?
One of our goals is to fully decentralize the process of launching your coin, including the very important part of promoting awesome coins and filtering out scam coins. Decentralized due diligence allows multiple groups to compete in the filitering process, with the market ultimately deciding which becomes the trusted option.
What about sidechains?
We like sidechains. If working sidechains emerge we will extend our platform to support asset issuance on a sidechain.
Is Swarm a company?
As of right now, there is no legal entity that represents the Swarm. This will certainly come at a later stage. Our goal is to postpone dealing with any of these issues until there is need.
How do I get my own coin?
In stage two of our fundraiser we will make public a form something like the following:
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Making a list of notable bitcoin supporters

I am working on a list of notable bitcoin supporters. I am trying to focus on people outside of the bitcoin space or people notable for reasons other than bitcoin. I'm going to use this list when people ask me, "how in the world can you believe in something as crazy as bitcoin?" I know I am probably missing some very obvious people so please help me add some more. Thanks.
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It enrolled in the Summer 2012 Y Combinator startup incubator program. In October 2012, the company launched the services to buy and sell bitcoin through bank transfers. In May 2013, the company received a US$5 million Series A investment led by Fred Wilson from the venture capital firm Union Square Ventures. In December 2013, the company ... Captain Bitcoin. At our goal is to educate, explain and encourage adoption of bitcoin. Truth, Justice and Bitcoin! Getting Started: Explain Bitcoin Like I'm Five ; The Bitcoin Whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto; Watch / Listen: The Bitcoin Whitepaper; The Value of Blockchains; How Bitcoin Works (non technical) (5 min video) How Bitcoin Works (a bit technical) (5 min ... Co-founder& Managing Partner at Unions Square Ventures, Coin Center; on the advisory board The concept that people hoarding Bitcoin is a problem for Bitcoin adoption. See: I’m Hoarding Bitcoins, and No You Can’t Have Any Investor Fred Wilson: Bitcoin is designed to allow its users to send and receive payments with an acceptable level of privacy as well as any other form of money. However, Bitcoin is not anonymous and cannot offer the same level of privacy as cash. The use of Bitcoin leaves extensive public records. Various mechanisms exist to protect users' privacy, and more are in development. However, there is still work to be ...

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Der Neue Wiesentbote - YouTube

Chaine d'information Sans Limites TV éditée par le Groupe GSL Communication, Ouest Foire Dakar ( Sénégal ) Directeur de Publication : Yankhoba SANE SERVICE C... View to sea, cruise ship pier and historic Frederiksted waterfront. Gossip Room est une communauté sur les réseaux sociaux, créée il y a 7 ans, qui regroupe aujourd’hui des millions de passionnés d’actualité TV, people, série... Impressum / Anbieterkennzeichnung Betreiber des Kanals ist Der Neue Wiesentbote c/o faktor i medienservice Verantwortlich für diesen Kanal: Al... Liebe Besucher des offiziellen Youtube-Kanals von Dirk Müller, Herzlich Willkommen auf dieser Seite, auf der wir in Zukunft für Sie Auszüge der ...