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Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack ... I'm making a bitcoin solo miner, what is the URL to get the current block header a with JSON call? I also need the URL where the work will be sent if a valid solution is found. Right now I'm trying ... json-rpc solo-mining mining-software getwork. asked Jan 9 '15 at 9:09. free man. 11 1 1 bronze badge. 1. vote. 1answer ... Due to network latency, Luke-Jr recommends the following design for miners: getwork, record <duration of getwork request> and <time+getwork expire> , and begin mining on it; every second, update ntime and reset nonce to <first nonce> when a share is found, submit it. record the duration of the submit request. The hash calculation is documented at Block hashing algorithm.Start there for the relatively simple basics. The basic data structures are documented in Protocol specification - Bitcoin Wiki.Note that the protocol definition (and the definition of work) more or less assumes that SHA-256 hashes are 256-bit little-endian values, rather than big-endian as the standard implies. The stratum overlay protocol was extended to support pooled mining as a replacement for obsolete getwork protocol in late 2012. The mining service specification was initially announced via Slush's pool's website.Shortly thereafter, alternative "cheat sheet" style documentation was provided by BTCGuild.As the extension lacks a formal BIP describing an official standard, it has further developed ... This improves the security of the Bitcoin network by making blocks decentralized again. ASICs. The original getwork protocol only provides a single block header, which is sufficient for a total of about 4 GH of mining. With the "rollntime" extension, this can be extended to 4 GH *per second*, but even that is far from sufficient for the next generation of mining equipment (ASICs) which are ...

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How to Start Using Bitcoin in Five Easy Steps - YouTube

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