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Happy old year! Much welcome the Moonpledge chart!

Greetings my fellow Moonpledge shibes all over the world!

New year is at our doors and it's time to look back and a glimpse at what 2016 has in store for us shibes:
The Moonpledge Chart
Much bigger chart hosted by google here! If you cant access google, here’s another chart, but this wont be updated regularly!
So what this?
The golden line (blue line in the alternative chart) - well I guess you can recognize this chartline in your dream! ;-) For those who are new: the golden line represents the historic DOGE (XDG=DOGE) price in USD!
The silver moon like line is new (red and green line in the alternative chart) and it represents our course to the moon! ;-) Or it represents your Moonpledge status! Just check the date when you started your moonpledge and it will show you your Moonpledge status!


I started my Moonpledge on 05/18/2015. So I search on the timeline this date and voila: The Moonpledge chart shows 7.91%! A plus of 7.91% compared to the fiat I put in!
YEAH! Looking good, doesn’t it!

Explicación muy importante - read it before you close the tab!:

I was amazed my self but let me do some explanation before we get to exited:
  1. The Doge price is distorted by the craptsy fiasco. If you calculate craptsy out of the picture you get a doge price that’s about $0.000134 at the moment!
  2. Because this chart is made from coinmarketcap data and the Doge price there is actual about 0.0001477 you have to imagine the 0 line about 9.19% higher.
  3. The Chart is historic. That means it can only show you the past and the last data is from yesterday.
  4. The Moonpledge line will always end with 0, because if you launched your Moonpledge yesterday and the last data is from yesterday, well your status didn’t change = 0%
  5. The Moonpledge status changes very rapidly. You will see if you check in the next time
  6. I will update this chart min. three times a week and if my Moonpledge team shibes help me we can maybe get it updated every day
  7. Happy new year and to the moon together! ;-)
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